2011 Census

Summary of findings

Groomsport is classified as a settlement within Belfast Metropolitan Urban Area (BMUA) by the NI Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

On Census Day (27 March 2011) the usually resident population of Groomsport Ward was 3,005 accounting for 0.17% of the NI total.

The demographic characteristics of the people living in Groomsport were as follows:

  • 11.95% were aged under 16 years and 29.58% were aged 65 and over.
  • 47.99% of the usually resident population were male and 52.01% were female.
  • 53 years was the average (median) age of the population.
  • 98.90% were from the white (including Irish Traveller) ethnic group.
  • 7.59% belong to or were brought up in the Catholic religion.
  • 82.90% belong to or were brought up in a 'Protestant and Other Christian (including Christian related)' religion.
  • 75.14% indicated that they had a British national identity.
  • 7.19% had an Irish national identity.
  • 34.11% had a Northern Irish national identity.

NB. Respondents could indicate more than one national identity.

On Census Day 27th March 2011, in Groomsport Ward, considering the population aged 3 years old and over:

  • 2.31% had some knowledge of Irish.
  • 10.58% had some knowledge of Ulster-Scots.
  • 0.85% did not have English as their first language.

Datasets used: Usual Resident Population: KS101NI (administrative geographies), NISRA Census Office. Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service(NINIS). NISRA